Selected Presentations

Dr. Leyse-Wallace PhD

Patton State Hospital Annual Nutrition Seminar. The Effects of Nutrients: Physical, Behavioral and Emotional. Patton State Hospital. March 23, 2016. Highland, CA.

American Association of University Women, Cabrillo-Diego Chapter. Nutrition and Mental Status. February 20, 2016. San Diego, California

Webinar for Behavioral Health Nutrition and Dietitians in Functional Medicine dietetic practice groups. “Linking Mental Health to Nutrients and Nutritional Status”. Jan 15, 2015 online.

University of Kansas Medical Center, Department of Integrative Medicine. Nutritional and Integrative Adjuncts to Conventional Approaches for Psychiatric Disorders. Do Nutrients Effect Mental Health? October 11,  2013 in Kansas City, Kansas.

Pt. Loma Nazarene University, Dietetic students and other members of student body.  San Diego, California. Nutrition and Mental Health. February 5, 2013. San Diego, CA.

National Alliance on Mental Illness. 2012 National Conference. Mental Health: Does Nutrition Make a  Difference? June 29, 2012. Seattle, WA.

Spotlight Session, Behavioral Health Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group; Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. Academy  Nutrition and Dietetics annual conference. Nutritional Assessment: Nutrients Associated with  Mental   Status. September 24, 2011. San Diego, CA.

Dietitians Treating Eating Disorders in San Diego. Performing a Nutrition-focused Physical Examinaton June, 2009. San Diego, CA.

Registered Dietitians of Sharp Healthcare System.  Linking Nutrition to Mental Health. April 2008. San Diego, CA.

San Diego Nutrition Council. How Does Nutrition Link to Mental Health?  March 2008. San Diego, CA.

Genetic and Metabolic Dietitians International.  Poster Session:  PsychoNutriologic Person: A Conceptual Model   for Expressing the Relationship between Nutrition and Mental Health. April 23, 2006. Atlanta, GA.

The Post-Residency Institute – Inaugural Meeting. Emerging Theory: PsychoNutriologic Person. Tucson, AZ. March, 2005

San Diego Dietetic Association: Manifestations of Nutritional Status in Clients with Eating Disorders. San Diego, CA, October 2004.                             

Annual meeting San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition: Connecting Nutrition and Mental Health. San Diego, CA. April 2004.

The Las Vegas Dietetic Association. Thinking Outside the Box: A Metaparadigm for Organizing our Body of  Knowledge. Las Vegas, Nevada. January 23, 2002

24th Nursing Research Conference:  Research for Clinical Practice;“The Metaparadigm of Clinical Dietetics:  A Validation Survey”, The University of Arizona College of Nursing, Tucson, Arizona. January, 1998.

New Approaches to Care:  An Interdisciplinary Strategy. “Use of the Nutrition Screening Initiative with  Nutrition in Multi-Disciplinary Medical Clinic Setting”, Washington, D C. May, 1993.

University of Arizona Nutritional Sciences 340 lecture:  Human Condition and Practitioner Action: A Clinical  Dietetic Treatment Matrix for Eating Disorders, Tucson, AZ. November, 1996.

The University of Arizona Nutritional Sciences Course 696 Seminar:  The Derivation, Expression and Utilization  of Reference Values, Tucson, AZ. March 1995.