“Lowering Calories” vs Lowering Serving Size

Are you fooled (or irritated) by food manufacturers/processors claims of lowering calories?

When a food is packaged in 100-calorie portion sizes, you may eat less (IF you eat only one portion).

BUT have the calories been lowered, OR has the portion size been lowered?

Thinking about it, we know the answer, but are you influenced by the ads and packages?  It costs more for the packaging and convenience. . . you are paying more for their help in lowering your calorie intake.

Calories are lowered in foods if the content is altered: less fat is used (not just a switch to another form of fat,  less flour is used (not just switching to flour from another grain) and less sugar is used (substituting a sweetener alternative).

Three common substances used to lower calories in food:  air, water and some indigestible fibers.


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