Finding Resources

On these pages you will find material you may find helpful-either to use as is, or to suggest ideas you want to excerpt and modify for your personal needs.

“Forms” includes : a Brief Diet Assessment and comparisons for evaluation and a Nutritional  Assessment form to record information and observations for individuals

“Nutrition Focused Physical Examination” discusses three conditions which are likely to produce observable changes linked to nutrients and nutritional status:  anorexia nervoxa, high-calorie malnutrition and bariatric (gastric by-pass) surgery.

“The Metaparadigm of Clinical Dietetics” provides thoughts and definitions concerning the organization of the body of knowledge of clinical dietetics.

“Stages of Nutritional Injury” depicts the steps during which the body goes from health to death when persisting in inadequate nutritional intake.

Under the “Publications” tab will be more information about books, booklets and articles that may also serve as resources for the professional, a client or a client’s family.

The “Updates” tab will lead  you to “Blogs” posts past and recent;  “Factoids” will lead you to details or small facts that are interesting or helpful in thinking about nutrition and mental health, or nutrition and health in general.