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Dr. Leyse-Wallace is available for presentations regarding the role of nutrition in supporting mental health and the performance a physical examination focusing on observation of physical changes related to altered nutritional status.  She is also available to present The Metaparadigm of Clinical Dietetics and how it may be used to structure knowledge, practice, and research in clinical dietetics. Learn more about publications and presentations by Dr. Leyse-Wallace.

“People express an intuitive sense that ‘of course mental health is influenced by nutrition’. But the intuitive sense doesn’t satisfy the scientist’s or clinician’s desire to understand when, how, and why this might be so. Nutrition and mental health are each difficult to describe and measure precisely. Combined, the study of the interactions between aspects of life is even more complex.”   (from the Introduction of Nutrition and Mental Health.)

Nutrition and Mental Health

Discover what Ruth Leyse-Wallace PhD shares about aspects of nutrition, mental health and the practice of clinical dietetics.

*Nutritional Assessment
>Brief assessment of diet
>In-depth individual nutritional assessment
*The Nutrition-focused physical examination
*The PsychoNutriologic Person – Definition, Theory, Practice
*Links between Nutritional Status and Mental Status
*”Factoids”-  interesting details about nutrition and health
*Reviews of scientific literature reporting on areas of interest
*The Metaparadigm of Clinical Dietetics: Organizing knowledge
*Books, booklets, publications and presentations by Dr. Leyse-Wallace